pdx_username (pdx_username) wrote in earth_topic,

Why I am seliing my Camry- Because oil is evil!


I am writing about that here...please pass it on...not for my own publicity, but I (and likely you) know that our future in terms of economy, safety, and environment are in great jeopardy because of our oil dependance...

So, I am going to do whatever I can to help stop this...and right now that means writing about ways to be sustainable, and selling my car.


I will admit that I have advertising there...so does all journalism ans so does the world...clicking those ads helps me for sure, but I am not suggesting you do that unless you see something you like-- hopefully, google will put good ads about Sustainability there, in which case, I do suggest you click them to support...well, Sustainable-focuses businesses
great jeopardy because of our oil dependance...
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