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Earth Friendly Living

A community for those living an Earth friendly lifestyle.

9/14/06 11:54 am - kollidascope - CLOSED

I am closing this community. Here is a different wonderful active community with similiar interests.

6/18/06 11:42 am - riayn - Stop the World, I'm Getting Off

Civilisation as we know it will collapse in 35 years, says university scientist Dylan Evans. His solution? To set up a commune and live in tents with 200 strangers in the Highlands. So, how is he coping so far?

The article is located here. I am not going to reproduce it on LJ cause it is rather huge.

What do people think about those like Dylan who are convienced that civilisation is going to collapse? Do you think this is a realistic viewpoint or a fatalistic one? Can we make the world a better place by living in it and making the changes needed there? Or are we better off abandoning it and heading for the hills?

6/17/06 10:12 pm - riayn - Solar Powered Backpack

For those of us who walk to work or just do a lot of walking in general, this is an ideal (and environmentally friendly way) to charge our iPods and mobile phones whilst out and about.


5/26/06 09:42 am - iheartsantino - light up shoes

you've all seen those shoes that light up when you walk, right? totally had a pair of light-up sneakers when i was a kid, by the way.

but i was thinking since i work in the shoe department of wal-mart and i'm seeing a lot of light-up shoes... these can't be good for the environment, right? i mean, i have no idea how they work or what's in there to make them light up. but how does one dispose of these shoes? you can't just throw them away, right? there's some sort of battery thing in there, right?

sorry, just curious

5/25/06 09:42 pm - iduncarthamuche

can plastic pens be recycled or, subject to some alternative process that doesn't involve being thrown in the trash?
there are so many of them! how could there not be?!

5/18/06 07:27 pm - superpenguin79 - Earth..

Googlism for: earth

earth is not moving
earth is it
earth is yours walking tours
earth is a
earth is the internet?
earth is a tough place
earth is a logarithm?
earth is one group
earth is greater than?
earth is greater than worksheet
earth is our mother
earth is filled with the breath of life
earth is wales?
earth is going on?
earth is coming
earth is poisonous'
earth is a biome?
earth is dna?
earth is the classroom


4/16/06 11:54 am - kollidascope - Beenie baby

My step mom told me a clever use for beenie babys she read in Real Simple magazine. (especially for those with young children) She told me to put them in refrigerator and use them as 'ice packs' to sooth your childs aches and pains! So clever.

4/16/06 11:53 am - kollidascope - Witch Hazel

I always used Aveeno's atringent but it doesnt say wether it is cruelty free or not. I looked in the organic section. OMG the atringent was soooo expensive. The Aveeno was about $7 for 12 oz I think. This other stuff was seriously $13 for 4 oz. I went back to the regular make up section to search for somethig cruelty free, and alcohol free. (I hate that smell of alcohol in most astringents.) Anyway I found Witch Hazel. It is cruelty free, it has alcohol in it but a very low percentage. It doesn't smell like alcohol at all. It was $5 for 20 oz!

4/8/06 05:06 pm - janusgemini - greetings

I recently joined this community and I'm very pleased to know that there are people who care enough about the environment that they would make changes in their own lives in order to lessen the destructive effects of human impact on the world. I know (from my own experience) that it is not easy to lead an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. I deeply respect all of you for your efforts and I hope to see more people join this community. keep the suggestions coming!

4/3/06 05:04 pm - periwinklemist - Earth-friendly make-up and body products?

Hello all! I just recently joined this community, and recently began striving to live a more earth-friendly life. I've been doing a lot of online research, and research in the some local stores to find high-quality, effective, organic/natural/earth-friendly cosmetics, shampoos, lotions, etc. I've been trying a lot of different things, and through websites like this one I have discovered that there are countless organic cosmetic and body product companies. I already read the entry about Giovanni, and that sounds great. What other earth-friendly companies do you like using for make-up, lotions, shampoos and what-not? There are so many, I just don't know where to begin. Any suggestions are welcome!
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