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Earth Friendly Living

A community for those living an Earth friendly lifestyle.

Earth Friendly Living
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This was started because I love to read magazines about the home and garden, and making your home environmentally friendly. I love being a vegetarian and having the awarness that no animals will suffer on my families behalf. I love shopping on http://www.herbivore.com , http://www.gaiam.com , and http://www.mooshoes.com .

This community is for all Earth related topics. Things such as gardening, recycling, your new co-op, veg*nism, cooking, Earth friendly products, etc. What did you hear on NPR today about the new hybrids? Whats your favorite healthy and cruelty free recipe? How is your organic garden coming along? Tell us about your raw food diet. You sold your car and bought a bike! How is that going? What Eco-friendly brands do you use? What is it like to raise a baby vegan? Tell us about your Earth friendly life style.

Please be nice.

Rude and inappropriate comments will be deleted. Please use spell check and type in complete sentences. "U R a Q T" type typing makes you look stupid. Save that for text messaging, it is unacceptable here.