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Earth Friendly Living

A community for those living an Earth friendly lifestyle.

7/25/09 04:50 pm - clau019 - new community

Hi everyone. I recently started a community that I'll be updating it with environmental news and articles, and I thought you might like to take a look.



6/8/09 03:34 pm - editor_m - 'Home' Premiere

'Home', an environmental documentary about Earth produced and directed by Luc Besson and Yann Arthus-Bertrand, has been released in 50 countries on Friday to mark World Environment Day. This video shows the premiere of the movie on Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory) in Moscow, Russia. Thousand of people gathered there to watch the documentary.

The movie will also be available on YouTube in French, English, Spanish, German, Russian and Portuguese through June 14 at youtube.com/homeproject.


6/6/09 04:30 pm - ecobranches - Join a pilot debate on Ethical and Sustainable Eating

Debate on Environmental and Sustainable Eating.

Dear Earth_Topic Community

This is an invitation for your online group to take part in testing an environmental community forum found on Ecomotion, which is in its developmental stages.


Sustainable eatingCollapse )

11/8/07 06:04 pm - iduncarthamuche - Calling ALL in favor of SUSTAINABILITY on college campuses

I'm writing to let you all in on a very exciting event which is in the making, right now. San Francisco State University Eco-Students are planning to make a trip on bikes to visit different campuses in California who are making sustainable changes to their campuses and in their communities and DOCUMENTING IT! We will be filming this ride and the interactions at the campuses, hopefully to be showed in late January, if all goes well.
Now, it's time for me to ask you lovely folks if you'd like to help, even in the slightest bit since we are really just starting out...
Our goal is to make contact and form some sort of relationship with students or people knowledgeable of sustainable actions at colleges in California. It can be anything, anyone, on or around campus which can be considered
GREEN. In opening up your knowledge, campus, hearts, you will helping a great cause for earthly sustainability, or at least the possibility of expanding the momentum toward it.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, e-mail me and tell me about your campus' greening efforts. Only good things can come from your effort if we all work and share together.

Nikki LePage

4/2/07 07:00 pm - sicilianhitlist - Ooo, that Smell

I live in an older apartment. As a result, it seems that there's this smell that just won't go away. An older, almost musty smell that I'm not sure what to do with. It's strongest in my cabinets, but no amount of sprinkling baking soda is making it go away. It's much, MUCH better than it was when I first moved in, but I still walk in noticing it after I've been gone a few hours.

So! I was to know, ladies and gentlemen, if you have any ideas of natural air fresheners that I can keep in my cabinets (and maybe just use around the place). I have a cat, so I don't want anything that could make her sick.

Honestly, I've thought about just getting some kind of small decorative (but living) tree for my apartment. I've wondered if maybe bringing a little oxygen producing freshness might help the air quality? What do you all think?

If you have ideas other than air smellies -- maybe if you think just an air filter would help, let me know.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions. :)


3/21/07 02:03 am - raspberrytue


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3/11/07 04:36 pm - oddorable - Veggie shoes

So i'm posting this for a friend of mine who is in the market for new boots and I was wondering if any of you had heard (or personally had any good things to say) about Jade planet shoes. Specifically theseor if you had any other suggestions for a similar style of boot

I'm not a big boot wearer so I can't help him out much.

x-posted a few places sorry if you see it twice =0)

also if you feel this shouldn't be here feel free to delete.

2/21/07 11:08 pm - raspberrytue

10/25/06 11:45 am - the_fee_fairy - Stratford Allotments

Stratford Council in the UK are planning to compulsory purchase and bulldoze the allotments to make way for paths for the new olympic village.

This is a petition to stop that happening.

Please repost the link and get as many signatures as possible.



10/6/06 05:58 pm - pdx_username - Why I am seliing my Camry- Because oil is evil!


I am writing about that here...please pass it on...not for my own publicity, but I (and likely you) know that our future in terms of economy, safety, and environment are in great jeopardy because of our oil dependance...

So, I am going to do whatever I can to help stop this...and right now that means writing about ways to be sustainable, and selling my car.


I will admit that I have advertising there...so does all journalism ans so does the world...clicking those ads helps me for sure, but I am not suggesting you do that unless you see something you like-- hopefully, google will put good ads about Sustainability there, in which case, I do suggest you click them to support...well, Sustainable-focuses businesses
great jeopardy because of our oil dependance...
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