glorious (iduncarthamuche) wrote in earth_topic,

Calling ALL in favor of SUSTAINABILITY on college campuses

I'm writing to let you all in on a very exciting event which is in the making, right now. San Francisco State University Eco-Students are planning to make a trip on bikes to visit different campuses in California who are making sustainable changes to their campuses and in their communities and DOCUMENTING IT! We will be filming this ride and the interactions at the campuses, hopefully to be showed in late January, if all goes well.
Now, it's time for me to ask you lovely folks if you'd like to help, even in the slightest bit since we are really just starting out...
Our goal is to make contact and form some sort of relationship with students or people knowledgeable of sustainable actions at colleges in California. It can be anything, anyone, on or around campus which can be considered
GREEN. In opening up your knowledge, campus, hearts, you will helping a great cause for earthly sustainability, or at least the possibility of expanding the momentum toward it.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, e-mail me and tell me about your campus' greening efforts. Only good things can come from your effort if we all work and share together.

Nikki LePage
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